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Lockdown memories

Lockdown memories 1 Bonds to 10 with skittles..jpg
Lockdown memories 2 Bonds to 10 with skittles.jpg
Lockdown memories 3 Chiara's teepee.jpg
Lockdown memories 4 Cosmic yoga.jpg
Lockdown memories 5 Fern's writing again.jpg
Lockdown memories 6 Fern's writing.jpg
Lockdown memories 7 Handwriting in ice cream!.jpg
Lockdown memories 8 Handwriting in ice cream..jpg
Lockdown memories 9 Jake's edible catterpillar.jpg
Lockdown memories 10 Jocelyn working hard.jpg
Lockdown memories 11 Jocelyn's solar system.jpg
Lockdown memories 12 Layla's edible maths.jpg
Lockdown memories 13 Layla writing practise on the table.jpg
Lockdown memories 14 Lia's caterpillar.jpg
Lockdown memories 15 Mae made a bee hive den.jpg
Lockdown memories 16 Mae making a ladybird costume.jpg
Lockdown memories 17 Mae met a Meercat.jpg
Lockdown memories 18 Minibeast writing.jpg
Lockdown memories 19 Rachel doubling numbers.jpg
Lockdown memories 20 Sophie doing maths-measuring time to peg up washing-.jpg
Lockdown memories 21 Sophie measuring capacity.jpg
Lockdown memories 22 Testing a model boat in water.jpg
Lockdown memories 23 Watching Mrs Millers frogs.jpg

The life cycle of a caterpillar

Still image for this video
Lots of our families did wonderful things from the work set at home.

Mae's butterfly costume

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Summer Term - activities to do at home.

Joe Wicks is also doing a Daily Workout at 9am Monday-Friday until the schools open!

Special days.

Special days. 1 Last day before lockdown
Special days. 2 Our dance performance of The Gruffalo
Special days. 3 World Book Day
Special days. 4 Our Nativity performance

Around our classroom

Around our classroom 1 Phonic work
Around our classroom 2 Writing practise
Around our classroom 3 Teamwork
Around our classroom 4 D&T mobile phones
Around our classroom 5 Writing challenge
Around our classroom 6 Hospital roleplay
Around our classroom 7 Hospital role play
Around our classroom 8 Winning the class trophy
Around our classroom 9 Creative junk model of a mouses home
Around our classroom 10 Helicopter rescues
Around our classroom 11 D&T woodwork challenge
Around our classroom 12 D&T
Around our classroom 13 Our pet snail
Around our classroom 14 Independent writing
Around our classroom 15 Singing with Mrs Cooke
Around our classroom 16 Maths, number bonds to 10
Around our classroom 17 In the Nativity home corner
Around our classroom 18 Our map of Cockermouth

Visitors and trips out

Visitors and trips out 1 Visit from Farmer Jason
Visitors and trips out 2
Visitors and trips out 3
Visitors and trips out 4 Walk to Cockermouth library
Visitors and trips out 5 Post lady Tracy brought us letters
Visitors and trips out 6 The police came
Visitors and trips out 7
Visitors and trips out 8
Visitors and trips out 9 The Theatre came to school
Visitors and trips out 10 Walk to the Mountain Rescue HQ
Visitors and trips out 11 Visiting the fire station
Visitors and trips out 12
Visitors and trips out 13

Our outside area

Our outside area 1 Remember, remember the 5th November
Our outside area 2
Our outside area 3
Our outside area 4 Doing star jumps for the weekly rainbow challenges
Our outside area 5
Our outside area 6
Our outside area 7
Our outside area 8 Building All Saints’ Church
Our outside area 9 Being Builders
Our outside area 10
Our outside area 11
Our outside area 12
Our outside area 13
Our outside area 14
Our outside area 15
Our outside area 16
Our outside area 17
Picture 1

Our Foundation Stage Nativity

Our Foundation Stage Nativity 1

Our Library Visit

Our Library Visit 1

A visit from the Library Van

A visit from the Library Van 1

Our baby ladybirds arrived today.

Our baby ladybirds arrived today. 1

Caterpillars to butterflies in Reception

World Book Day

World Book Day 1

Cooking and pancake making in Reception

Look at the size of the pumpkin!

Reception Class

All children within the Nursery and Reception class will follow the current government policy of Early Learning Goals within the Foundation Stage. These are the development of personal and social skills, literacy, mathematical development, knowledge and understanding of the world, developing physical control and creative expression. This curriculum is based on children’s natural development within these areas, using the play facilities provided. With a common curriculum the transition between Nursery and Reception for children is easier and helps to prepare each child for mainstream school.