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Absences - a quick guide for Parents and Carers

September 2021


Dear Parents/ Carers,


We look forward to welcoming your children back to school on Thursday 2nd September. (Children in Nursery and Reception have their own start dates.) We are hoping that this year will be less eventful than last! Following Government guidance we have put all the recommended safety measures in place to ensure that All Saints’ is as safe an environment as possible.


At the beginning and end of the day children in Reception and Nursery will use their own entrances.


We ask that Year 1 and 2 come to school between 8.50 and 9am and not before unless they have an older sibling. Parents will need to maintain a safe distance on the yard. Please do not come to the door until a member of staff tells you to. The children in Years 1 and 2 will be brought out to parents onto the yard at 3.10 pm.


We are asking that parents drop children in years 3,4,5 and 6 off between 8.40 and 8.50 at the school gates if possible rather than coming onto the yard. A member of staff will be on the yard to meet them and show them where to line up. They will finish school at 3.15pm, each year group will leave separately and we ask if you can arrange a place for your child to meet you.


No parents will be allowed in school during the school day.


All children will wash their hands as they enter the building as well as regularly throughout the day. A member of staff will supervise the younger children with this. There will be regular wiping of tables etc with disinfectant throughout the day and deep cleaning at night.


Breakfast club, after school club and school lunches will be available from the first day and can be booked via lunch shop. There will be no money in school. The breakfast club will take place in the multi purpose room.


The guidance strongly discourages items coming into school from home so please send your child with coats and bags but no toys. Reading books will be given out but quarantined as they return to school.


If your child has any symptoms of coronavirus  (High temperature, loss of taste or smell or a new consistent cough) they must not come into school but you must contact school and let us know. If any child show symptoms in school we will contact you right away. If we do have case then Public Health England will be notified and guidance will be followed.


Best wishes


Nicola Smallwood.


Nicola Smallwood.


26 August 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


Returning to school safely in September


The past six months have been unprecedented and the closure of schools put huge pressure on parents and carers trying ensure their children’s education continued at home. Thank you to all of you.


Government policy is that all schools will reopen to all pupils in September. This is good news. But while many children and young people will be looking forward to getting back, meeting friends and restarting classes, we know that some will be anxious about returning. The same may be true for parents and carers.


COVID-19 has not gone away, but the level of infection spread has reduced hugely. We also know now that COVID-19 is not a serious illness for the overwhelming majority of children, and young people are no more likely to spread infection than other age groups.


Therefore the Government’s view is that the risk from COVID-19 is now significantly outweighed by the benefits for children’s well-being, development and learning of getting back to school. We absolutely share that view.


In line with the national guidance, schools have been working hard over the summer break to make their buildings COVID-secure to minimise the risk of infection spreading. The measures put in place reflect the comprehensive risk assessments all schools have undertaken. They include increased hygiene measures, class or year group ‘bubbles’, changes to movement around the school and much more.


Different schools will put different measures in place, even in the same local area. There is no one size fits all. This is because all schools are different. Your child’s school will explain the measures they have put in place.


If you, or your child, have particular concerns about returning, contact your school next week. In some cases reassurance may be all that is needed, in others there may be additional measures that can be put in place.


There is additional information available at


We do not know what the future will bring. It is possible that there will be COVID-19 outbreaks that affect schools in Cumbria. We have worked closely with the county’s Public Health team and have clear and well-understood arrangements in place to deal with these situations if they arise. If they do, then schools will need the support and co-operation of parents and carers. Please remember that the response to any outbreak will reflect the specific circumstances, once again there will be no one size fits all.


Our aim is simple. We want all children and young people back in full time education so that they can continue with their educational journey. Some will settle quickly and others will need some additional support but this is what our schools do best – meetings the needs of individuals successfully. The curriculum will reflect these needs with a greater focus on pupil’s wellbeing and mental health.


Finally, we would like to offer our best wishes to all pupils and their families. We hope you enjoy getting back to school and being involved with all the exciting learning on offer. It really is good to be back.


Yours faithfully,


Dan Barton, Assistant Director, Education and Skills


Judith Schafer, Chair of the Cumbria Association of

Secondary Headteachers


Sue Blair, Chair of the Cumbria Primary Headteachers

13th July 2020.


Dear Parents/ Carers,



You will have heard on the news that schools will be fully opening in September for all children. We look forward to welcoming all of our children back to school on Wednesday 2nd September. If your child is starting in Nursery or Reception you will have had a letter outlining when your child is starting. Parents and children will still need to self distance on the yard in the morning.


This has been a challenging year and I would like to thank the staff and you for all of the hard work that you have put in with your child’s home learning. We know that this is not easy and appreciate all the effort that you and the children have made.


I would like to wish the children in Year 6 all the best for their time at Cockermouth School. We were sad that their last few months at All Saints’ has been cut short. Hopefully in the future we will be able to see them and find out how they are doing in Secondary School.


On behalf of all the staff we would like to wish you all a very happy summer holiday and look forward to seeing you all in September.


Best wishes


Nicola Smallwood.


Nicola Smallwood.


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