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At All Saints' School the history curriculum is delivered through active learning with the aim of developing historical skills, an understanding of chronology and knowledge of the aspects covered. We do this through the enquiry based approach to learning in order to develop our pupils enquiring minds. This enables them to make links between aspects and become critical thinkers.


In the Early Years, the focus is upon the child's own personal history and being able to order events throughout the day or across the week.


At Key Stage 1 the emphasis is on the children learning about how things were in the past in relation to how they are now. The children identify the similarities and differences between  the past and modern day life.  They  learn about significantly influential past events and people, such as The Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale and Alexander Graham Bell. The teachers use a cross curricular approach and the majority of their literacy work is linked to their topic.


At Key Stage 2, History is taught through a cross curricular approach.  The topics covered are: changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Mayan Civilisation, the Anglo Saxons and the Scots, the Vikings, studying Cockermouth, for the local history topic and World War II.

There is a strong emphasis on the children understanding the chronology of the events and being able to place the events in historic order using a timeline.  Wherever possible, we incorporate visits, visitors and artefacts to support and enrich the children’s understanding of history.





History Long Term Plan