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All Saints' has a whole school policy of practical investigation into aspects of the everyday environment, integrating the National Curriculum guidelines.  These Attainment Statements are co-ordinated with progression within the school and between the phases.  Scientific understanding is approached through a combination of observation, experiment and the testing of ideas to make sense of further experiences.  We aim to develop the growth of attitudes and skills through a variety of activities including firsthand experience both inside and outside the immediate environment of the classroom, field trips and residential visits.


This year the aims have been achieved through, for example, work on man-made fabrics, electricity, light and colour etc.  To develop positive attitudes and co-operation in the children, the science work included in these topics aims to give the children the ability to hypothesise, experiment, record, communicate and draw conclusions.  This is achieved through a variety of means including discussion, writing, charts, graphs, computer data, models, displays and other relevant methods.


We believe these processes will extend and develop each child’s natural curiosity and appreciation of their world.  In this technological age, Science is essential in helping children understand and later shape their environment.


We also run an after school STEM club in the summer term - focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.