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Whoever we are, wherever we live, whether we are a person of faith or not, we all have a view on the world. Nobody stands nowhere.

As a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School we follow ‘The Cumbrian Agreed Syllabus 2023’ which gives our children the opportunity to understand Religion and World Views in an ever changing world.

As a school we follow the Cumbrian agreed syllabus and have chosen to follow the planning and assessment from ‘Questful RE’ which has the ‘Understanding Christianity’ document woven through it. We have made the decision to study and provide opportunities for our children to learn from and about a variety of World Religions and World Views this we felt was crucial in order to equip our children with the knowledge and attitudes needed to bring about tolerance and understanding.

As part of the children’s learning we use a multidiscipline approach looking at aspects of Theology, Philosophy and Social Science enabling children to have meaningful conversations about World Religions and Non-World Religions.

Please see the video link below for what this means.

Through our RE curriculum the children develop a deeper understanding of Christianity. We enjoy close links with All Saints Church and promote our Christian values through our RE teaching and collective worships so that children can reflect on them throughout their learning journey with us and beyond. It is expected that the children will visit “our church”, All Saints, on several occasions during their time at the school, we hold services where we welcome family members and the wider community to join us in our worships and celebrations. The religious leaders and congregations within our community also make regular visits into school and take part in leading our collective worships.   





Ukraine Russia and across the world.

Please find on the link below a collective worship on what is happening in the Ukraine. The children will be seeing and hearing lots of different news which can be worrying and upsetting. The clip below helps the children to understand what is happening and to talk if they feel upset or worried. It also looks at practical ways in which we can help in a positive way.

Prayer to share:
Lord God, we ask for you to be with all – especially children who are suffering across the world. Lord for those who are anxious and fearful. For those who are bereaved, injured or who have lost their lives. And for those who have lost loved ones. Amen

Year 3's amazing Easter Bonnets as part of our schools Easter celebrations.

Year One children enjoyed learning all about the Hindu festival of light Diwali.

The KS2 children shared the nativity and wonderful singing to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The children in KS1 really enjoyed sharing their learning of the Christmas story with their parents and carers. It was especially lovely to be in All Saints Church.

Spirituality Day at All Saints Primary School February 2023

Hindu Day at All Saints Primary School - Autumn term 2022