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Christmas - what a wonderful time was had by all!

Children In Need

Being creative is great fun, be it self initiated or guided!

We went on a bear hunt in the forest (it's ok, we knew there weren't any real bears!).

Exploring our sense of smell.

We love exploring how to move our bodies!

Caring for others and having aspirations in the role play hospital!

Developing our gross motor skills outside, is lots of fun!

Learning, whilst having fun, at Nursery.

Role play - Minibeats Laboratory.

PAT therapy dog visit - learning how to look after and care for animals.

Learning how to grow and take of plants - planting sunflowers.

Thinking of others - making Mother's Day presents and cards.

World Book Day 2023

Exploring pattern - indoors and outdoors.

Exploring materials - freezing and melting, heating and cooling.

Exploring materials - floating and sinking.

Investigating materials - exploring magnetism.

Exploring the large apparatus.

We thoroughly enjoyed taking on various roles in the 'Shoe Shop'.

Musical Phonics - Phase One, making sounds.

We love to celebrate the children's birthday's with them!

Making our decoration presents using threading.

The Planitarium came to visit us!

Making playdough - mixing ingredients.

Using tools - Developing fine motor skills.

Transition from Nursery