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Online Safety

Annual PCSO Online Safety Talk to Key Stage 2 - October 2023

Your children are growing up in a digital world. Being online is integrated into all aspects of our daily life. It presents endless opportunities, however it can be very difficult to navigate safely. For a younger person, careful guidance is vital in order to help them grow into responsible digital citizens. Below, you will find a range of guides that provide advice to support your children to stay safe when online. We hope you find these useful.

CEOP - Think U Know

CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection Command) is part of the UK National Crime Agency. Their role is to help children and young people remain safe from sexual abuse and grooming online. There is a "parents" section on their website that provides lots of training and resources to support parents in protecting their children from online grooming. Please follow the link below to access this.

Parents and carers | CEOP Education (

Safe Search Engines

At All Saints', we use the safe search engines "Swiggle" and "Kiddle" in school. We would encourage the children to use child-friendly safe search engines outside of school too. 

"Building effective online search skills in children and young people is vital in ensuring learners get to the information they need for their studies. Generic search engines can throw up a host of difficulties and embarrassing incidents when children stumble across inappropriate content (either accidentally or deliberately). Having Swiggle as the class search engine page for young children ensures their search environment is safer; safer to experiment with different search strings; safer to browse image or content results. It’s a safe sandpit to develop those skills before progressing on to more open and transparent online search engines like Google or Bing."