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It is our policy that children should be given the opportunity to gain enjoyment and satisfaction from listening to, composing and performing music. The majority of the children’s musical experiences will be with the class teacher as an integral part of the curriculum, eg singing and playing percussion instruments.


Keyboard, guitar and recorder tuition is given by either Mr Daglish or Mr Melville and there is a choir which meets before school starts on a Friday morning.
The school has made arrangements for pupils to receive free tuition in keyboard, percussion, violin, guitar, drums and clarinet during the school day. We aim to add to this list whenever the opportunity arises.In addition there is the opportunity for the children to have instrumental tuition in string and brass instruments at Cockermouth School Music Centre on Saturday mornings.


Every child continues to leave All Saints’ School having had the opportunity to learn an instrument. These include; violin, cello, woodwind / clarinet, brass, guitar, keyboard, drums and recorders. The school has adopted a new music scheme.


The community remains at the heart of the school. The children continue to present art and perform poetry and music to local people of all generations and this is a strength of the school.

Listen to our children playing on their recorders: Paddy McGinty's Goat

Marche Militaire

American Patrol