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PE and Sport Premium Grant

Physical Education in All Saints' CE Primary School

Children in All Saints' CE Primary School will enjoy a rich variety of experiences in Physical Education.  Opportunities will be provided which will enable them to plan, participate in and evaluate work appropriate to their age and their needs.  Gaining knowledge and understanding and developing a range of social skills are considered important aspects of Physical Education, as well as improving the physical skills, health and fitness of our children.
Additionally we will encourage everyone in our care to adopt a lifelong commitment to a healthy, active and enjoyable lifestyle.
The objectives in our Physical Education work
All Saints' CE Primary School believes the following points are an accurate list of the objectives within our Physical Education programme:
  • develop an understanding of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy life
  • develop a range of psycho-motor skills
  • maintain and increase physical mobility and flexibility
  • develop stamina and strength
  • develop an understanding and appreciation of the purposes, forms and conventions of a selection of physical activities
  • develop the capacity to express ideas in dance forms
  • develop the appreciation of the concepts of fair play, honest competition and good character
  • develop the ability to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of movement
  • develop the capacity to maintain interest and to persevere to achieve success
  • foster self-esteem through the acquisition of physical competence and poise
  • develop self-confidence through understanding the capabilities and limitations of oneself and others



Children at All Saints’ CE Primary School are fortunate to have an excellent PE curriculum and also access to many activities, which are above and beyond those offered by many primary schools. Through external funding, children have experienced for example: kayaking, sailing, caving and rock climbing, among other outdoor pursuits during between September 2014 and the present.


The children begin swimming lessons at school in Year 2 and each year conitnue to swim for 1 term in Years 2, 5 and 6 and 2 terms in Years 3 and 4.


We, as a school, are keen to fully utilise our 2017 /18 PE specific budget of £17,530  to enhance both the enjoyment and also skill levels of our pupils through sport. This is done two-fold, firstly through accessing Sports Coaches to work with children both in and outside curriculum time. This year for example, we have used: Dance, Multi-Skills, Cricket and Tennis coaches to develop pupil skills from Reception up to Year 6.  Staff training and participation in these sports ensures long-term viability and sustainability.  We also ring fence a proportion of our funding to be a part of our local School Sport Partnership, led centrally by Netherhall School and locally by Cockermouth School, who organise sporting events for both mass participation, for example, Cross-Country Races, Sports Hall Athletics, Orienteering and Rounders, across the two key stages, as well as competitive events and competitions for children selected as a result of showing high competence levels in a particular sport, for example: Netball, Rugby and Kwik-Cricket.


Out of school hours, school staff devote their time to leading Extra-Curricular clubs, dedicated to sport. We currently offer: Sports Club (KS1), Football (KS2), Multi-Skills (KS2) and Rock Challenge (Dance for KS2) with Cricket to follow in January  and after Easter i. Orienteering will also take place in Spring. On top of this, several staff members give up their own time at weekends and evenings to supervise sports teams taking part in competitions. Over 85% of children in KS2 and over 60% of children in KS1 partake in school-organised Extra-Curricular Activities at All Saints’ CE Primary School.


As a Kitemark School, we are obliged to organise an annual school Sports Day. In 2016, to tie in with the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, we gave children the opportunity to ‘feel like the Olympians’ and helc their Sports Day in the Copeland Athletics Stadium, in association with Chris Wright from Wright Sports Services.  In addition an Olympic style sports event was held locally in which all the primary schools in the Cockermouth Cluster will participate.  In other years, we organise our own sports day on the playing field.


We also as a school, fully utilise the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers to replenish stock from our PE stores and also enhance the children’s sporting experiences through using proper equipment designed specifically for the sport they are doing,for example, we purchased playground goals for football and also balls suitable for the yard environment as well as replenishing ‘Huff and Puff’ stores for lunchtime activities.


In 2017 /18 academic year the school has received a grant of £17,530:


Impact of Primary PE and Sport premium           All Saints’ CoE Primary School

Key achievements to date:

Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need:

Providing opportunities for children within the local area, which include: climbing wall, kayaking and canoeing.


Experienced dance coaches working throughout the school which leads to a school performance relating to the topics covered within the year group.



Look for more opportunities and provisions to introduce physical activity.


Continue to implement: daily mile, wake up shake up and dance activities to ensure that all pupils receive their additional 30 minutes of activity a day.


Sign post more able to Chance Camp.


Children to complete sport leaders courses and provide activities throughout play times.



Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety

Please complete all of the below:

What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?


What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke] when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?


What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?


Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you used it in this way?

Our facility children swim for two terms and Years 2-6 swim for 1 term each.


Action Plan and Budget Tracking:


Picture 1

In 2016 /17 academic year the grant of £8,766 was allocated as follows:


Sporting Resources                                                                         £  226

Specialist PE teacher in dance, gym and sports                         £3,580

Sporting activities incl transport                                                   £4961



In 2015 / 16 academic year the grant of £8,766 was spent as follows:


Sporting Resources                                                                         £  246

Specialist PE teacher in dance, gym and sports                         £4,940

Sporting activities incl transport                                                   £3,580




The grant has enabled us to develop teachers’ and pupils’ skills.  Specialist teachers have been employed for a variety of sports including multi-skills, cricket, dance and gym.  Pupils’ skills have been extended and this is something that we continue to build on.  On occasions specific children have been targeted to develop their skills and improve their fitness.  The PE and Sports money has enabled pupils to continue to participate in sports including after school tuition which has promoted enthusiasm in a variety of activities.


We have noticed that children’s skill have developed and fitness has improved as the participation in sports has increased throughout the school and children have been taught the importance of the participation in sport in creating a healthy lifestyle.