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Nursery and Early Years

The Nursery and Reception Classes are known as the Foundation Stage. All children within the Nursery and Reception classes will follow the government Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which consists of 7 areas of learning and development.  These include:


the 3 prime areas:

· Communication and language

· Physical development

· Personal, social and emotional development


4 Specific areas:

· Literacy

· Mathematics

· Understanding the world

· Expressive Art and Design


This  curriculum is based on children’s natural developmental stage within these areas, using the play facilities provided.  With a common curriculum the transition between Nursery and Reception is easier for the children and helps to prepare every individual for mainstream school.


·  To create a centre of excellence for Early Years teaching

·  To provide the highest possible quality of learning environment

·  To provide a resource for the early identification of pupils with special needs

·   To provide a facility for parents to receive appropriate support to include:

(i)   preparing for school

(ii)  parenting skills

(iii) basic skills

(iv) routes to training.



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