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Letter from Assistant Director of Cumbria County Council regarding school's possible reopening

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May 2020


Dear Parent/Carer


Re: Prime Minister’s announcement


You will be aware that, following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday, schools will be planning to reopen to some year groups, and as long as it is safe, from the 1st of June.


If a number of tests are met, outlined by the Prime Minister, pupils from reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be able to return to school on that date. Head Teachers and officers from the County Council and the Department for Education, as well as many other colleagues are currently working on a plan to reopen. We are waiting for further guidance about exactly how to support secondary age pupils.


If things go ahead as planned, School Hubs in Cumbria will cease to operate and children in those year groups will be able to attend their usual school after the half term break. School Hubs will continue to operate as they have been for the remainder of this half term, for vulnerable children and for the children of key workers. In his speech, the Prime Minister said that people who cannot work from home should start to go to work from Wednesday. I must clarify that this does not mean that all parents who are returning to work on Wednesday will be able to send their children to school. However, any parents who are returning to work on Wednesday who are key workers, and do not have a place already in a School Hub, will be able to request one.


I would like to thank you for your patience at this time, and for the support you have already shown to our schools staff, who have moved mountains in the last six weeks to keep Cumbria going.


Yours sincerely


Dan Barton

Assistant Director – Education & Skills